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What is Bitcoin Instant Payment System?

In order to make money there is a simple but powerful concept to follow:


Firstly this isn’t yet another MLM program it’s a perfectly legal way of making money and has been proven time and time again to be 1000% successful. Rather than being a scam or fraudulent way to get money it is instead a simple system where you will be able to see the results in under a week!

How it works?



Send one payment of 0.013 BTC  (approx. $55 USD) to the address you will have access to inside your members area. Our system then splits to 9 others.


The first two of the addresses are those of administrators, they are the people that create your site for you and maintain it. The others are 7 people that have joined in the same way as you and have also invested in the same way. 



Once the BTC has been sent a website will then be created for you similar to this one with your username. You will have access to your website inside the members area.


Once the website has been created for you, your position will be number 8.
The position 2 will then move to position 1
3 moves up to 2 and so on

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What happens to my position?


As a member you get provided with everything you need to be able to promote your site online. Once people visit and takes an interest they then send a bitcoin payment in the same way that you have. Each time this occurs your position moves up so you will go from position 9 to 8. The person that has joined under you becomes position 9. When that person gets a new member your position remains but you still receive payment as you will from each person that joins under you and them.

Here’s how it all works


Bitcoin Instant Payment System breakdown

Note* The numbers provided are for demonstration only to show how this works. You can actually make more!

If you were to recommend just 9 members then you will make 0.01 BTC at position 8.

Each of the people you have recommended send the same amount and also refer at least 9 people.

Out of those people each of their referals do the same while you are at position 7 then you will make 0.02 BTC.

For each 10 people referred by them you will make 2.00 BTC, this keeps snowballing as you move up position allowing you to make 20.BTC at position 5, 200 BTC at position for and it just keeps on growing so that you are able to make more.

Once you get to position you will have made 20000.00! An astounding amount when you look at the initial investment and to make it all you have to do is bring another 9 people on board.

What happens once all 9 people you have recruited make payment?

  • A website is created similar to this one
  • The site address will be sent to your email which will contain your position #9
  • Each of the recruits will send you further bitcoins and your position moves up.
  • The new position 9 member will do the same as you and as you are in position 8 you get a bigger amount.
  • You will also receive 5,000 banner views at our website.

Is this program at risk of being stopped?

  • This is a worldwide program so will not stop unless people decide they no longer want money (who doesn’t like money?)
  • Think of all the people that are likely to require an extra income including housewives and students and can do so from a tiny investment.
  • As the plan is affordable for all it’s a viable investment opportunity.
  • Working together makes better revenue for everyone
  • It’s a simple way to earn money quickly and without prior investment knowledge
  • You can start to day so you don’t miss out on the potential to earn thousands in a single day.


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